Welcome to the website of Trubačů z Kladské z.s. and Corni di Egra b.v. Corni di Egra is the first and only Czech-German cross-border hunting horn ensemble. Founded in the summer of 2007, our ensemble is made up of Czech and Bavarian hunting horn players in the historical region of Cheb (Eger in German). Our group continues the tradition of the amateur horn quartet Corni di Egra, formed in 1998, which disbanded in 2002.
        Trubači z Kladské and Corni di Egra is an independent, non-profit, non-political grouping of Czech and German volunteer musicians. Our goal to keep the tradition of hunting music alive and to honour the legacy of Czech-German horn music in Central Europe. To our knowledge we are the only ensemble in history in which Czech and German members have actively played together over the long term.
        While we value our independence, we are grateful for the generous assistance of our friends in the Bavarian Hunting Association (Bayerischer Jagdverband) who were kind enough to contribute much useful advice and sheet music in our early days. We are happy to report that this cooperation continues to this day. It also partly explains why after seven years our group ceased to be registered in the Czech Republic and is now registered in Germany only, under the name Corni di Egra e.V.
        Our roster of players has changed numerous times since we first formed. Currently Corni di Egra comprises four German and five Czech horn players who play compact parforce hunting horns in Eb/Bb.
        We are an amateur ensemble but many of us are accomplished players. All of our senior members are experienced hunters. School and university students form another important component of the group. We believe that hunting music should be a cultural extension of the practice of hunting, and should be played primarily by active members of hunting associations.
In addition to playing with Corni di Egra, our members also play French horn and hunting horn in the Cheb Marching Band. 
  In autumn 2014 we had some fun compiling a repertoire of traditional hunting tunes in D, which we play as a D - trio Corni di Egra  on invention  natural horns.
        Our repertoire is primarily based on hunting music, but we also play our own original compositions and adaptations and arrangements in a variety of genres.
Kindly translated by Louise Kelleher (https://louisekellehertranslation.com)