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         In the heyday of hunting music a good song would spread far and wide across Europe in various incarnations. It was common practice to put new lyrics to a familiar melody. Nobody much cared who had written the song, and royalties were not an issue.             

        We live in a different era today. Composers and copyright unions carefully monitor compliance with copyright laws. And while we have no intention of flouting the law, in the case of hunting music we believe such a materialistic, profit-focused approach is inappropriate and even harmful to amateur performers who are proudly propagating their local hunting traditions.      
        We hope to work around this issue with our public archive. Here on our website we have created a space for composers to contribute their music for horns, for use free of charge in the public domain.
        We welcome contributions in the following categories: for hunting horns in Bb, hunting horns in Eb and French horns in F. Please submit sheet music in .jpg, .png, or .gif image format. Our only other condition is that composers contribute their music voluntarily and fully consent to use of their work free of charge.
        Arrangements of newer works will of course only be performed subject to the copyright laws currently in force.   Further to numerous requests from our fans, we have also provided some tunes in MP3 format. These files are generated directly by Finale software and uploaded in their unedited state. We realise there is no comparison to a quality live recording: these MP3 tracks are only intended as a rough guide to the tune. 
The individual materials are located on the Czech pages of this website.
Kindly translated by Louise Kelleher (